Tsuruchi Kyotan

The first Emerald Magistrate of the Wasp Clan


He wears functional heavy clothes. The sleeves of his leather kimono are cut at the shoulders regardless of how cold it is. He wears his hair down without regard to samurai fashion. He has a gruff demeanor, despite his young age, and has the gaze of one who’s well traveled in these lands. A fine wakizashi is at his side to represent his status as an Imperial Magistrate.

TN to be Hit: 30
Reduction: 3
Earth: 3
Stamina: 3
Willpower: 3
Water: 3
Strength: 3
Perception: 3
Void: 2
Air: 3
Reflexes: 4
Awareness: 3
Fire: 2
Agility: 3
Intelligence: 2

Etiquette: 3/6K3 (+3 to insight)
Sincerity: 3/6K3
Kyujutsu: 7/10(11)K4 (String a bow as a simple action, +50% to distance, +1 to STR of any bow)
Defense: 3/7K4 (Keep the result of a previous Full Defense Roll)
Athletics: 3/6K3 (Moderate terrain no longer slows movement and difficult terrain lessons half what it used to)
Hunting, Survival: 4/7K3
Investigation: 5/8K3 (Repeat a search with no penalty and +5 to all contested rolls)
Stealth: 4/7K3
Intimidation: 3/6k3
Horsemanship: 2/5K3
Craft, Fletching: 1/4K3
Juijutsu, Improvised Weapons: 3/6K3 (9K3 to hit and 5K2 Improvised Weapon damage)
Lore, Law: 2/4K2
Temptation, Seduction: 6k3


Blood of Osano-Wo: Takes no damage from the elements including magic that calls forth the weather.
Ancestor – Kaimetsu-Uo: Aids in willpower traits and skill rolls, dramatically increases improvised weapon damage and to hit.
Great Potential (Kyujutsu): May make raises equal to my skill and not limited by void ring.


Greedy – A lesser version of the main greed, bribe rolls are awarded +0k1
Guilt (A version of Lost Love) – He still hunts a man that everyone thinks is dead.
Sworn Enemy – Formally of the Moto name, Al Vagere has eluded me for season after season.
Phobia 1 – Oceans, take a +5 to TN’s when dealing with boats and the ocean.
Lecherous – More difficult to resist temptation rolls.


Always Be Ready: +1K0 to all attacks with a bow and +3 Initiative

The Arrow Knows the Way: One free raise on all attacks that can only be used for the called shot maneuver and +2k0 to all damage.

The Wasp’s Sting: Attacks with a bow are made as simple actions instead of complex.


Born as the first son to the ruling Tsuruchi family, Kyotan was groomed from an early age to rule to lead the family, and perhaps even the Mantis clan itself. As the cousin to Urimoto, his families rule may be required should anything unexpected happen to the air. Kyotan lived a happy childhood and had little worries. His tutor was a lovely young woman who would let them study in the gardens of the palace almost everyday. His parents were often times at court, so he saw little of them. He was still a boy of only ten when Urimoto made his move to ensure his power.

He remembers his mother screaming, but only for a second, before the sound turned to gargles. He ran from the room and crawled under a few loose board in the floor. He had crawled under the floors to get away from his sitters in the past but the fear replaced these memories. He could hear men stomping above his head and running past, searching for him. The steps trailed off to other parts of the palace as he laid under the floor and cried. He was alone, and being hunted, prey for the predators. He loathed the feeling. Cornered and without hope. His tears continued and he began to whimper uncontrollably. A single set of steps is heard approaching quickly. Young Kyotan covers his mouth but his mournful noises continue. The person stops above him and Kyotan closes his eyes in fear. The boards are removed from above him and light shines through his eyelids. It’s the soothing voice of age that tells him it’s okay and to come with them. Kyotan opens his eyes to see an old man with a lantern. He’s seen this man before, speaking to his grandfather from time to time. The old man scoops Kyotan up from below the floor and tells him to come with him, quietly.

He guides them through the grounds of the palace and to the beaches of the eastern shore. The old man tells him that his parents are dead and that Kyotan will be killed as well if he returns to the Mantis lands. On the beach their rests a small boat, anchored by a rock, several feet into the waters. He lifts Kyotan into the boat and gives him the lantern. He tells him there should be enough food to get to the shores of the crane, just follow the wind. He takes the swords from his belt and puts them in the boat, telling him that those are the swords of his samurai status, and are his birthright. When asked why he’s doing all of this, the old man simply replies that Kyotan’s grandfather was a good man, and pushes the boat into the ocean current. He waves goodbye from the shore.

The waters are calm for the week but as the food is diminished, so follows the weather. There is a storm beyond all of Kyoto’s imagination. Giant waves pick up and toss the boat across the open waters, rain and ocean spill into the small craft, which barely remains afloat. Kyotan has had enough of what has come of this life and curses the storm above and the ocean below. Taunting them to finish him if they had the courage. He didn’t come that far to give up to this faceless foe. Something changed in him that day. That’s the last he remembers of the storm.

Kyotan wakes up in a room with a warm stove greeting him nearby. At first he thinks it was all a dream but at his first attempt to move, he is greeted by the soreness and injury of those that survive such an ordeal. He is alone save the presence he feels inside of his soul. The presence tells him that they are both family, direct descendants of Hida Osano-Wu. That the presence is Kaimetsu-Uo and that he will guide Kyotan’s life if he’s willing to lead a life worthy of his guidance. He must honor him with prayer and never refuse a challenge to his physical prowess. As long as this is done, he will give him the gifts worthy of the Osano-Wo’s blood in his veins. Kyotan agrees and prays to the name of Kaimetsu-Uo. His determination becomes absolute, his intentions unwavering.

An older athletic man enters the room and slides the door behind him. He introduces himself as Kakita Ditimoto and explains how he came to find Kyotan several weeks ago on the beach. He had nothing save the swords clasped in each of his hands, proving him a Mantis samurai. Kyotan explains what had happened and begs him not to send word back to the Mantis lands. Ditimoto knows what life this young boy is destined to lead without guidance and offers to take the child in as his student. To learn the ways of the Bushi and become a man. Kyotan is thankful for the mans generosity and accepts the offer.

Kyotan was initially skeptical of the man but came to trust him more and more as time went on. He was the Daimyo of these lands and had yet to deem his air. He had become a bit of a hermit in his old age and had taken to repenting for deeds done during his rule. Perhaps Kyotan was an extension of this. In training Kyotan in the ways of a warrior, it was very apparent that he did not have the aptitude for the sword but excelled in the way of the archer. Ditimoto, as a Kakita, chooses to bring talents to perfection and applied this to Kyotan. The highest height an archer may reach is to join the exclusive Wasp clan. The grooming for this continued for six years.

Two months before Kyotan was set to leave for the entrance tournament, assassins came for Ditimoto and Kyotan. At first he thought it was Uritomo coming to finish what he started but Ditimoto quickly told him that it was his grandson who wanted his power and that he is ready to give it. Ditimoto held off the assassins as long as he could and ordered the retreat of Kyotan to the Wasps. That this was the last lesson to learn in the life in a Bushi, that death is inevitable and constant. To die is to truly have lived.

The journey through the crane lands was long but simple given the skills he had learned in his time with Ditimoto. When he arrived to face the challenges of the Wasp, he was ready. His aim true, his senses sharp and agile, he was a sight to behold. He passed the trials and welcomed the breaking his sword, his anchor to a life already dead.

He spent the next five years as a Wasp Bounty Hunter. He relished its freedom and power. Finally he had come to live the life Kaimetsu-Uo and guided him to lead. Striving forward at all costs, never taking an insult, and achieving ones goals at any costs. He had become the most feared bounty hunter in the few circles wise enough to know his name. He would hunt in any weather and brought his sword wielding foes to their demise with skill and cunning.

His last bounty as a hunter was in the lands of the crane. An elderly Daimyo, Kakita Uchimaru, had put a bounty out for a bandit leader that had been harassing his lands. The prey was cunning and alluded Kyotan for weeks. In this time Kyotan befriended Uchimaru and his family. Most importantly Uchimaru’s son Kutiharu, who he came to see as a younger brother. Kutiharu was months away from coming of age and taking his fathers title. There was much preparation in the air.

It was revealed that Al Vagere, the Gaijin tutor of Uchimaru’s daughter, had been the leader of the bandits this whole time but this information was gathered days away from the palace of Uchimaru. Kyotan rode hard and arrived to find Uchimaru, on suspicion of adultery, had killed his wife, and that Al Vagere had killed Uchimaru when confronted about the allegations. It was no doubt stagged by Al Vagere to have such a result. Kutiharu defended himself until his guards arrived, where Al Vagere escaped in a guise of explosions. Kutiharu, now the Daimyo, ordered the bounty on Al Vagere, and Kyotan accepted immediately.

He tracked him to a cave in the surrounding mountains where he and his bandits waited. One by one, Kyotan brought the bandits down to their deaths, leaving only Al Vagere. When Kyotan finally got his hands on him, he threw Al Vagere into a group of barrels, Al Vagere ran from them as the exploded and shot Kyotan from the cave. He barely survived. Kutiharu considered the matter resolved, as he believed there is no way anyone could live through such an explosion in that collapsed cave. Kyotan wasn’t so eager to agree.

Kutiharu, in gratitude to his brother, recommended Kyotan into the Imperial Magistrates, and even arranged a private meeting with the Imperial Champion to do so. The Champion had always favored the Wasp and saw in Kyotan the potential of his ancestors, Hida Osano-Wu, and Kaimetsu-Uo. He was made the first Wasp to reach the title of Imperial Magistrate.

Despite the increase in addressing courts, he finds it’s relatively the same job, he just has more to answer for if things don’t go as planned. He continues to collect bounties and bring criminals to justice in the name of the Imperial Champion.

It wasn’t long before Al Vagere confirmed his suspicions and Kyotan received a letter from him. Taunting Kyotan, he tracked him to the lands of the Scorpion, where the trail went dry. Most recently, he’s received a letter from Al Vagere requesting help, another taunt. Kyotan traced the messengers back to the lands of the Pheonix, the Isako provinces. Coincidently, there’s a former magistrate that Kyotan must meet there, it’s the perfect guise. He can retrieve the unfinished Imperial Magistrate tasks from Hiruma Usigo and simultaneously bring his hated foe, Al Vagere, to justice. Onsano-Wo will be proud.

Tsuruchi Kyotan

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