Kakita Kutiharu

A Daimyo of the southern Crane Lands. Friend to Tsuruchi Kyotan.


Kutiharu is a young man, only a few years past coming of age. He has been Daimyo since his fathers murder at the hands of Al Vagere.

He is a handsome man and wears the finest garments the Crane lands can offer. He is quick to laugh and is welcome in many court because of his respectful sense of humor. Though a skilled duelist, he has never had to draw his sword in court because of his ability to talk his way out of any conflict.


Kutiharu is responsible for Kyotan’s acceptance into the Imperial Magistrate. After the apparent demise of Al Vagere at the hands of Kyotan, he made it his mission to have such skills made more readily available to the Emperor. He spent weeks in court gaining an audience with the Imperial Champion and arranged a private interview for Kyotan, along with his personal reference.

Though Kyotan was addiment that Al Vagere may still be alive, Kutiharu’s light hearted nature couldn’t trouble himself to believe it. Ever the optimist, he is sure that Al Vagere perished in the collapse cave, alone and dishonored. He is currently unaware of Kyotan’s continued pursuance of Al Vagere and continues to watch over his holdings as a prosperous Crane Daimyo.

Kakita Kutiharu

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