Al Vagier

Gaijin Con Artist and Bandit Leader, he is the uncatchable adversary of Tsuruchi Kyotan.


Well mannered, well dressed, well spoken, and well received, Al Vagere is a con artist that Rokugan has yet to equal. He masquerades as a man of false names and titles. Gaijin by birth, he often takes the guise of the Unicorn Moto family.


Born in the Gaijin lands, one can only assume he traveled as part of a Unicorn caravan into Rokugan. Much of his past is unknown. He has spread many different origins across many different aliases. He has eluded Kyotan since he murdered Kakita Uchimaru in the crane lands, leaving Kakita Kutiharu to inherit the throne.

Since he escaped the clutches of the collapsed cave, he has traveled through the Scorpion and Phoenix lands, taunting Kyotan all the while. He see’s it as his right to show Kyotan that regardless of all his skill, he can not surpass the wit of a life unfeathered by tradition fraught with shortcomings.

He’s recently wrote Kyotan in dire need of help. He knows Kyotan will track him to the Ikoma lands and Al Vagere will be there waiting. Once he’s dealt with Kyotan, he will follow the Pheonix trails into the north, and into the Gaijin lands.


I write to you from the edge of the world and the End of the Road, as I spin uncontrollably through the void of times, dividing every little piece of now and then from me and you. I know you’ve been hunting me a long time, boss. Can’t say that I blame you. It’s been a while since these scorpions in my mind have loosed the thought of paradise from their poisoned tails.

I bear silent witness to the birth of a new sun over our world.
Things will never be the same old friend.

I’ve spilled the blood of innocents in the palm of my blackened hand and hardened soul – her blood dripping down, rat-tat-tating on the rice paper walls like a snare drum dangling from a sunbeam.

They’re after me, boss.

Death, imprisonment, or slaughter a hundred times before her eyes upon my brain.

Don’t let them find me boss.

Take me, but don’t let her find me with her shining eyes that burn like stars in the sky breeding spiders spinning cobwebs in my head.

Save me Tsuruchi-sama.
Kill me.

-Al Vagier "

Al Vagier

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