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Unless otherwise stated the sessions of Between Crimson Skies will take place at my home in San Luis Obispo every Sunday starting at 7:00 pm. If you are going to be late, please inform me via e-mail or telephone, and please do give as much notice as possible.

News 1/10

Great work on everything you guys have been doing on the WIKI, I’m very impressed thus far with Bo and Michael. Awesome stuff guys. Let’s see what we can get out of Theron and Roberto!

Added Character postings for a few NPCs and created the following WIKI page for ease of reference when attempting to spell these nasty sounding family names.

Family Names of Rokugan

News 12/28 THE WIKI IS BACK!

Gentlemen! Take note!

News 10/25

After a brief break, we’re back and better than ever!

Following much discussion I’ve decided to change the say of game to Sundays at 7pm. The reasons for this change are two fold:

Number one, this will allow Theron Webb to stay on in the role of Isawa Takimoto

Secondly, we will be picking up a new player! I’m pleased to announce the latest addition to our crew: Bo Wolf, playing Kuni Kokuri “The Laughing Kuni”!

If you have any questions about this change or would like further information about game, please ask me.

Also, edited the player character pages to show latest versions. Please, please, please flesh out their physical descriptions and bios. The more we use this, the more useful it will become to everyone, so let’s keep it up!

News for 10/06/10:

We now have a forum! Let the ass hattery begin!

Also added a map of Rokugan in the Maps section. Part of upgrading our membership allows me to upgrade even more maps, so very shortly, expect to see more localized maps for easier visualization and planning.

Added character pages for:

Akodo Toturi
Matsu Tsuko
Ikoma Ujiaki
Ikoma Tsanuri

As Well as Wiki Entries for the locations that we have visited thus far:


You should also expect to see your character stats on your own character pages. Please fill out the biography section on those pages ASAP, and feel free to upload a portrait as well!


News for 10/05/10:

As of today, you should all be able to edit your characters. I will be ahppy to input your stats and such, but I would greatly appreciate it if you could help be out be giving a physical description and brief back story to your character. Character link can be found below:

Daidoji Jiro
Kakita Hidaku
Kitsuki Minoru
Isawa Takimoto

For your viewing pleasure I have added a new Adventure Log Post! Check it Out!

I have also copied the email about downtime stories I sent out on 10/5 here for ease of reference:

Greetings friends-

Obviously some large scale stuff went down last session. In the wake of the death of Ikoma Ryozo, the throne of the Ikoma Lands stand empty. Very soon the leadership of the Lion Clan as well as a whole host of courtiers from other clans will be arriving at Kyuden Ikoma to discuss the future of the Ikoma family, as well as curry favor with the new Daimyo.

Before we get into the next chapter of our little story, there’s going to be some downtime. This is your chance to earn BONUS XP!

To be eligible for the bonus XP you must send me a one page write up of what your character is doing during the roughly 3 weeks of downtime. This can stake any form- a fictional account would be good, so would a journal entry- it’s up to you, but the dead line is MIDNIGHT on 10/16 anything received after that date will surely bring great shame and dishonor to your family.

Important facts to know-

1) In the absence of a landed Ikoma the keeper of the imprial histories, Ikoma Ujiaki, the aging diplomat and keeper of the Ikoma histories has stepped forward to serve as regent for the Ikoma lands. He is an aging man but his wily nature and quick smile are a pleasant change from the stren eyes of Ryozo.

2) All of the courtiers who were present during the reign of Ikoma Ryozo are going to remain at Kyuden Ikoma with the notable exception of Matsu Hokitare who has retreated to the lands of the Matsu and his true mistress, the proud Matsu Tsuko.

3) If you write a downtime story please include in it AT LEAST ONE new character to be used in future stories. Look at this as a chance to contribute to the litany of our story. I’m not expecting that you flesh the character out, just a general description and demeanor will do just fine.

Other than that, it’s up to you. If you plan on doing anything radical please inform me before hand.

Go gentlemen!

For the Empire!

Your Humble Servant,


PS- Each of you is now the owner of your characters on the WIKI. Please make use of it.

Between Crimson Skies

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