Time in Rokugan

Rokugan zodiac

Months and Hours

The Rokugani calendar is divided into twelve months of 28 days each. There are two general naming conventions used to identify the months. The traditional naming system names the months with the names of animal spirits, but the calendar used by the nobles of the samurai caste names the months with the names of the Kami. The nobles’ naming convention, however, was ratified only by Hantei XXXV, and has not had great success in replacing the common naming system, except in court.

Additionally, the common names of some of the months may vary, with some regions within the empire using different names. The most common of these replacements are to see the Month of the Rooster being called the Month of the Crane, the Month of the Dragon being called the Month of the Tortoise, and the Month of the Goat being called the Month of the Sheep.

The day in Rokugan is divided into twelve hours. The hours follow the same naming convention as the months (above), including the two different naming systems. The day in Rokugan begins with the Hour of the Hare, at sunup (6 AM).

The table below lists the various month/ hour names used in Rokugan. The seasons listed are based on climate, not astronomy, and so are somewhat variable, depending on weather and location.

Common month Noble month Hours Season
Hare Sun 6 – 8 AM Spring
Dragon Moon 8 – 10 AM Spring
Serpent Hantei 10 AM – 12 PM Spring
Horse Akodo 12 – 2 PM Summer
Goat Doji 2 – 4 PM Summer
Monkey Shiba 4 – 6 PM Summer
Rooster Bayushi 6 – 8 PM Autumn
Dog Shinjo 8 – 10 PM Autumn
Boar Hida 10 PM – 12 AM Autumn
Rat Togashi 12 – 2 AM Winter
Ox Fu Leng 2 – 4 AM Winter
Tiger The Tenth Kami 4 – 6 AM Winter


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