Taksang Goema Monastery

Taksang goema monastery

This is the impregnable fortress home of a small order of yamabushi. Many of them spend great amounts of time away from Taksang Goema, but others spend great amounts of time here mostly in quiet contemplation or exercise.

Here’s some yamabushi of the monastery.

  • Brother Kumaru, actual brother of the Master of the Jade Gate Kuni Kokuri “The Laughing Kuni”
  • Hoargai the Yamabushi, master of the naginata and trainer/abuser of Content Not Found: shiba-daizan
  • There’s a young Dragon monk who has just arrived at the monastery. He is anxious to be in a new place, and is trying to come to terms with his surroundings.
  • There’s a tattooed monk, fully tatooed, with a Mike Tyson style tattoo
  • There’s an ancient monk. He looks wiry and lanky, and a bit worn out.
  • A fire archer whose bolts are said to be able to shatter stone. He can balance upon the golden spires of the monastery and lay down fearsome destruction upon the countryside with a barage of fire. He calls this technique “Amaterasu’s Kiss.”

This Monastery is said to be impregnable due to:

  • The large moat of running water around the castle. It’s built at the fork of two rivers, with moat that was dug across the sides. Note that the above picture is only the topmost portion of the castle complex. The moat runs around the lower most fortifications.
  • There is a tunnel complex under the monastery that connects to lower on the cliff. This supposed “weakness” in the monastery’s defenses is actually a trap.
  • Legend has it that the monastery moves, and some even say every night it arrives in a new place.
  • A few claim that the Taksang Goema Monastery exists only in dreams, that the masters found that physical defenses were no longer safe enough. Others whisper that the fortress doesn’t exist at all, but is only transcendence itself.

Taksang Goema Monastery

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