Kyotan Journal 1

10th day of the Rat, under the reign of Hantei XXXVIII.

I’ve met with the caravan tonight. It’s been years since I’ve traveled in a caravan with such “prestigious” company.

I was having a bottle of sake biding my time, and was approached by a stout Crane Shikken and his Crab Witch Hunter companion (or was it the other way around?). Crab-sama was pleasant, especially considering his title, though I feel I had more in common with the Crane. He was quick to drink and gave more than a moments consideration to the Geisha visit I suggested. Apparently he is a man of great vigor, or great lies, boasting that 10 or even 20 minutes was not enough time for a visit. I’d hoped to get one last touch of a woman before leaving; woman at court are such prudes. Oh well, there are worse things to experience in life. At least the fates didn’t see fit to cast me a virgin.

There was a brief encounter with some drunk ronin on the way outside the town. They weren’t worthy of my time and their barely worthy of my ink. I looked in the eyes of the leader and reminded him that lesser men should be careful about which killers they choose to bark at; in not so many words. As I said, they weren’t worth my time.

The caravan was well guarded considering it’s average appearance. I’ve come to overhear that there’s some sort of Shugenja tournament taking place at Gisu castle and this caravan is collecting its prize, a valuable scroll of magic from each land. Hearing this, it then made sense why every man with a sword or bow took to their post so seriously. I’ve met the Shinjo caravan master and more importantly his lovely daughter, Iruko-san. I found it a bit difficult to remember her name, but by observing others fumble it as well, I know I don’t take this folly alone.

It’s cold tonight, though obviously I don’t mind. I’ve decided to not unpack my tent and to instead stay near the fire circle. Crab-sama is a great story teller and has gathered many ears to hear his tales. He is beginning another, and I still have another bottle of sake to finish before bed, so I bid you good night.

Kyotan Journal 1

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