Yogo Amia

Scorpion Clan Courtier


Yogo Amia is certainly a woman of contrasts. She keeps her hair very long and dark, but her skin pale as porcelain. At perhaps seventeen years of age she is much, much younger than most of the other courtiers present at Kyuden Ikoma this season. She is seen most often wearing at least four to six layers of kimono, each a different shade of her favorite blood-red crimson. The mask she wears sits just around the lines of her eyes and covers very little of her beautiful face but somehow draws the attention of on lookers to her sparkling blue eyes.

Found to now be tampering with Maho. She is suspected of being part of the murders happening at Gisu Castle.


Little is known at this point about Amia. Though she was introduced as a courtier she seems to have some ability with magic- however she is rarely, if ever seen with a scroll satchel or any of the traditional garments of the Shugenja. Having just recently come of age Amia is an unproven mystery, and perhaps her being her is some grand final test on behalf of her unseen lords.

During the closing days of the court at Kyuden Ikoma, Yogo Amia and her guards had managed to capture and subdue a man calling himself Brother Ikyo. Weather this hand any thing to do with Ikyo’s plot remains to be seen, however after returning to the wedding of Ikoma RIn and Daidoji Karo, Amia was able to find Kuni Kokuri and Daidoji Jiro to take them beneath the halls of the castle to the great archives of the family. There the three were ambushed by a group of men claiming to act on behalf of Ikoma Rin. The three samurai acting with exceeding honor and were able to escape death at the hands of their would be assassins.

Little was heard from the young girl in the interim, however she did appear at the Setsuban Festival along with a group of other scorpion presumably here to advance the political interests of the clan by ensuring that Otomo Yoroshiku niece to the sun of heaven, was married to a person of their choosing. Upon seeing Kokuri, she offered to repay his generosity and protection by serving as go-between with the witch hunter and his unarrived bride. Thus far she has been a wonderfully surprising ally to the party.

Yogo Amia

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