Shinjo Tsuro

Unicorn Clan Diplomat


Shinjo Tsuro is a dark skinned, exotic looking man. He trims his beard to a fine point and is often seen wearing long robes of fur. He speaks even with the bizarre accent of the Gaijin, yet is proud of his heritage in Rokugan. His black eyes are cold and discerning inquisitively searching the faces of those around him for cues as to the current social situation. Very little escapes his watchful eye. However he has a short temper and seems quick to judge anyone who would slight him.


As with the other courtiers, little is actually known about Tsuro. However he has been a guest of Ikoma Ryozo since spring, and was often times seen appraising the fields of battle between the Lion and the Crane. Though strange Tsuro is no fool, he claims that it is out of a desire to learn more about his roots that he has made this journey to the Lion lands. He can often be found in deep conversation with both Ryozo and Matsu Hokitare.

Shinjo Tsuro

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