Shinjo Iruko

Unicorn Clan Yojimbo


Shinjo Iruko is slight, athletic, dark haired woman whose eyes reflect both a youthful, idealistic outlook, and a practiced calm. She rides her horse with all the grace of the finest dance of the Crane, and her prowess in battle, though not forged in the fires of great wars, is nearly legendary among the younger Bushi of the Unicorn. Everywhere she goes she seems highly respected and is envied both for who beauty and her skill.


Iruko was born to a young trade family within the house of the Shinjo. She learned to ride at the young age common to her clan, and quickly took to it like drinking water might come to anyone else. Her parents, a Shinjo caravan master and an Ide Diplomat instilled the virtues of Bushido in her from the time she could speak. Loyality was her first word.

When it came time for her to go to school, it was intially thought that she would join the ranks of the Otaku battle maidens, but, for whatever reason she chose to study the Shinjo way, saying that her desire to help the clan in as many ways as possible far outweighed her desire to crush her foes in battle. Taking the middle road quickly became a theme in Iruko’s life, and has since served every master with a steady hand and a pure heart.

Shinjo Iruko

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