Shinjo Gidayu

Unicorn Clan Caravan Master


Still young for a Daimyo, Shinjo Gidayu stands at just under 6 feet, a staggering height to most Rokugani. He has a quick smile and a bellowing laughter, and smells always of the wind. There is a perpetual glimmer in the man’s eyes which speak of untold adventures, and vast caravans to exotic lands. He is one of the very few to have traveled beyond the borders of the Empire, and carries with him always the feeling of a life well spent.


Gidayu was born in relative seclusion, the last of several children to a minor daimyo of the Shinjo. Their province sits very near to the border with the Scorpion and as such Gidayu was often called upon by his parents to protect the vital flow of goods between the two clans.

He finished near the bottom of his class, and was almost completely unremarkable in every way save one: Gidayu can never get lost. Even in the dead of winter, with the howling winds and biting snows, Gidayu has displayed a keen and natural sense of direction unmatched by any navigator in the Empire. It was because of this and his near total success record with the caravans he leads that Gidayu was quickly promoted to the rank of Hatamono under his father, with the rule of the province finally passing into his hands after the death of his father.

Gidayu tried to sit idly by in his family estate, counting the money brought in by his vast network of caravans, but he soon found that the lifestyle didn’t fit him, and thus took to the open road again, leaving his wife in charge of the daily business of the family.

After the birth of his child Shinjo Iruko, and he coming of age, Gidayu has since spent even more time on the road, much to the chagrin of his wife and extended family. Gidayu is intent on raising Iruko to be his exact heir, and has done all that he can to pass the secrets of the land on to her. Thus far he cannot be happier.

The characters met Gidayu after being called upon by their Daimyo to help protect his caravan on its way to the Setsuban Festival. Though they considered some of his methods to be a bit odd, the valuable shipment of scrolls he was tasked with transporting eventually reached his destination on time.

Shinjo Gidayu

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