Traveling Peasant


Slightly young than his brother Bento, Otu stands at about 5’5" tall and though his body has been wracked with the pains of his labors, he maintains a youthful energy and seems no different from where he was 10 years ago. His hair is short and balding and maintains certain dark highlights from his youthful sock of hair.


Hailing from Satoshin Mura like his older brother Bento, Otu was discontent and lead a rather misspent youth leading to a strained relationship with his far more traditionalist brother. Though he left the village as a young man he has made a living traveling the various rivers trading goods between the lands of the Scorpion and Lion.

Recently Otu was asked by the players to journey downriver to Satoshin Mura. Otu was able to provide the players with useful information about what the primary exports of the city were and where his brother lived. He was told by the players to return to the village in three days to provide them with travel back to Kyuden Ikoma.


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