Otomo Yoroshiku

Niece to the Imperial Son of Hevan


As befitting her station, Otomo Yoroshiku if perhaps not the most naturally beautiful woman in the empire is will renown for her wit, charms, pleasant demeanor, and youthful beauty. Though she dresses formally and with none of the flare seen in the lands of the Scorpion, she does have impeccable tastes, embracing the conservative fashions of several clans. She keeps her hair pulled up and away from her face, letting her grey eyes shine through her face which is often painted white with make-up. She is a great mystery in many ways, and though those who are close to her widely repute her humor and morals, many who have seen her at court since her coming of age, have never heard her speak at all.


Other than that Yoroshiku is the niece of the Honored Son of Heaven Hantei XXXVIII VERY little is known about this woman. She has been kept close to the Imperial palaces and with good reason. It was thought until relatively recently that the old Hantei might not have been able to produce an heir, and that perhaps she would ascend to the rank of Empress should the need arise. Thankfully though, the Emperor was able to produce an heir, and so just now at the age of 19, she has been allowed to go out into the world and choose a suitor to marry with the blessings of her uncle.

Otomo Yoroshiku

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