Mirumoto "Raven Tattoo" Amaya

The Girl with the Raven Tattoo


Mirumoto Amaya stands shorter than many of her clan, but carries herself with the sort of grace befitting a panther or some other noble cat. She proudly wears the colors and mon of her family, and at all times she displays her daisho openly. Her large dark eyes maintain a customary calm even in the heat of debate or battle, and many men have fallen prey to the deception of those eyes just before the strike. Habitually and in the style of other women from her family, she shaves her head completely bald and though many may balk at her apparent lack of femininity she still maintains a distant beauty hardened by the steel she wears at her waist.


Amaya was born into an unremarkable family and since the first, she was a very quiet child. Some even whispered that she was simple. However, when she did speak it was in full and complete sentiences and with the proper form and well within the strictures of the polite Rokugani. She refused to be treated as, or to behave like a child forsaking the silly games children play for contemplation and study. She became wrapped up in the tails of the Togashi on the mountain and tried several times to journey up to the summit and study with the monks, her young but unpracticed body failing her on each attempt.

When she became old enough for school, once again she maintained a contemplative silence taking in the world around her and sizing up her sparing partners. She quickly gained a reputation for being one of the best students the Mirumoto had ever trained, even going as far as to serve in the personal guard of the family Daimyo Mirumoto Hitomi.

Just before her coming of age however she announced that she would forsake the life of the samurai and attempt to journey once more up the mountain of the Togashi. Weeks past with no word either from the top or from the girl herself and many thought that the journey had finally claimed her life. One month later Amaya returned to Mirumoto Castle bearing the Raven tattoo on her wrist. She spoke nothing of her experience with the monks, nor was she asked.

Her assignment was as Yojimbo for the most talented investigator the Kitsuki had ever seen, Kitsuki Motaro. At first the pair could not have been more mismatched. Where Amaya is quiet and unassuming, Motaro was stark and to the point able to speak his mind without any fear at all, and whenever Motaro misplaced a word here or forgot a nicety there, it was Amaya who was there to protect him as his personal champion. Their working partnership was considered one of the most successful matches the two families had ever made, until his death by his own hand after a boast he made failed.

Mirumoto "Raven Tattoo" Amaya

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