Matsu Tsuko

Daimyo of the Matsu Family


Tsuko is a tall, proud, brash, arrogant woman and carries herself in such a way that all of these things are communicated at first glance. She keeps her long mane of hair dyed gold, and is commonly seen wearing her helm, which extends her sheen of hair to fearsome proportions. She is a true warrior woman and a paragon of samurai-ko throughout the empire.


At the age of ten, Tsuko watched her father killed by Phoenix assassins and saved her mother’s life by killing one of them with her boken. The morning after, she stood next to her mother, urging the Lion Clan on to victory in the Battle at Fate Gorge.

Tsuko was engaged to Akodo Arasou. After he died in 1120 trying to retake Toshi Ranbo wo Shien Shite Reigisaho from the Crane, his brother Akodo Toturi became Lion Clan Champion, but Tsuko does not believe he can live up to the example set by Arasou.

Recently, Tsuko has been building her base of support in the lands of the Matsu. Though it has only been weeks since the death of Ikoma Ryozo word has reached Kyuden-Ikoma that Tsuko will soon arrive to take her part and observe the creation of a new family daimyo.

Matsu Tsuko

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