Kitsuki Motaro

The Best Investigator in the Empire


Motaro is in many ways the ideal of the Kitsuki family. Though he is handsome and attractive standing at just over 5’10" he is also quiet and unassuming, his stark pale blue eyes tracking every detail of a room. He wears his hair short and conservative in the style of his kinsmen in the Mirumoto.


In his many years working for his lord as an investigator Motaro has gained a reputation for being able to receive a confession from nearly any perpetrator by brining an overwhelming amount of evidence to bear against them. Though the Rokugani system cares little for hard facts it is because of Motaro’s natural facility with human emotion that he was able to be so successful. In his relatively young years he has turned down appointments with several family Daimyo as well as the Miya family. Word was that he was waiting for the emperor himself to call upon his services.

He was known as the best investigator in the Empire.

Most recently Kitsuki Motaro was assigned to determine the cause of the fall off in production at what had been one of the most fertile farming villages in the lands of the Ikomoa while he awaited the arrival of his brother, Kitsuki Minoru. While boasting at the opening of Ryozo’s court Motaro claimed that he could solve any dispute; right any question of murder or intrigue in less than seven days.

He failed.

Our Campaign begins with the bitter failure of Kitsuki Motaro.

Kitsuki Motaro

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