Kitsuki Issoku

Appraiser of Valuable Things


The first thing people notice about Kitsuki Issoku are his eyes. They remain, despite whatever his mood may be, cold and calculating. They sit like two brown leaves in a bowl of white, and are able to quickly size up any person, situation, or object. The rest of his middle-aged features remain unremarkable. His hair is balding in some places, and his athletic build is quickly giving way to age, however his inner resolve and strength remains.


Kitsuki Issoku is a seemingly unremarkable man who has slowly been making a name for himself among the collectors of Rokugan. From relative obscurity he has risen to become one of the premier curators of art and rare scrolls. He has a particular interest in one-of-a-kind works of art, and the collections he represents tend to gather more than their fair share from around the empire.

Kitsuki Issoku

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