Kitsu Saia

Handmaid to Otomo Yoroshiku


Kitsu Saia radiates a quiet intelligence trapped in the body of a very young, teenage girl. At 16 years old, she is one of the youngest Kitsu Shugenja to have graduated their family school. She carries herself with a grace and dignity more suggestive of an upbringing under the careful guidance of the Scorpion or Crane, but bares the long, impressive mane of hair worn by her Lion clan kin.


Saia has always been undeniably lucky. When she was little she survived the Crane assault on her family’s lands by being smuggled out on the back of a peasant woman. Having no family left, she was sent to her aunt and uncle in the Imperial provinces who quickly adopted the young orphan, and saw to her training in the tradition of her family as a Shugenja.

It quickly became clear that while she could not summon the spirits of battle, she had no problem communing with her more courtly ancestors, and was recommended for further training at the Ikoma courtier school after the successful completion of her training as a Sodan-senzu. Her life as court was equally charmed after she met the niece of the Hantei during a brief stay in the Ikoma lands. She was able to impress Yoroshiku with her knowledge and undeniable charisma. It wasn’t long before she was accepted into the Imperial niece’s entourage.

Most recently she has served valiantly, being able to keep the various suitors for her mistress’ hand at bay by being quick with whit and enchanting with stories. Although she keeps a somewhat stoic appearance in public she can often be heard gossiping with her fellow hand maidens and with her mistress about the things all young women dream of: a wonderful husband and a beautiful home.

Kitsu Saia

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