Kitsu Ikatsu

Disgraced Kitsu Shugenja


Kitsu Ikatsu is a slight, graceful girl who seems to hold the world in the pupils of her eyes. She wears her naturally blonde hair long and free and her ice blue eyes seem to pierce her surroundings with the precision of a sewing needle. Her voice maintains a steady, defiant cadence, and commands the will of the ancestors with a practiced and masterful tone.


Born in the lands to the North of the Ikoma, Kitsu Ikatsu grew up with the strong reverence for the past inherited in most pure-blood Kitsu. From the moment she stepped into the Kitsu tombs to hear the ancestors speak for the first time, all of the assembled masters fell in awestruck silence at the skill the slight, quiet, 10 year old girl displayed. She is the youngest graduate of the Kitsu school and rather than a life of quiet contemplation, the girl chose to enter the ranks of the Matsu, channeling the will of those who came before and inspiring the men and women around her to greater heights of courage.

The characters came across her when her unit ambushed them on the road to Kyuden Ikoma. It became apparent that her and her unit had become infected with the Satoshin Mura parasite, and the characters had no choice but to dispatch her comrades in arms. Though they kept her alive, they had her locked in a jail cell where she was to stay until they had time to interrogate and examine her.

When the characters came to her cell they found that she had been violated by brother Ikyo. All testing for the presence of taint failed and the girl who had maintained her innocence throughout the proceeding became incensed at the party. Following the orders of Kuni Kokuri she was escorted to a shrine on the grounds of the castle where she has stayed awaiting further instruction.

Kitsu Ikatsu

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