Ikoma Ujiaki

Keeper of the Ikoma Histories


A short, wiry man Ikoma Ujiaki gives off the impression of being one who knows much but says little. His eyes which are a perfect slate green are usually happy and open to the world around him which he experiences with a reverence born of a man who truly understands history. Though he is perhaps fifty years old, and his body is remarkably well preserved and pale due to spending so much time indoors.


Ikoma Ujiaki had the good fortune of being born in a time of relative peace and harmony between the clans. From a young age he was very, very interested in history, and spent days on end disappearing into the depths of the Ikoma Histories. He attended the Ikoma Courtier school and quickly made a reputation for being both a trough negotiator and a fair and honorable man. During his time in the courts of the Empire he made several deals which greatly advanced his clan’s position.

Two years ago he left the diplomatic corps of the Lion clan to serve a life long dream: to be the keeper and guardian to the priceless scrolls in the Ikoma Histories and he has served that position better than any before him. Despite all of his success he maintains a humble and fair outlook on life.

After the death of Ikoma Ryozo|Ikoma Ryozo]], Ujiaki has reluctantly stepped into the role of regent over the lands of the Ikoma, and though he seems to enjoy the change of pace from his normally hum-drum life, he has expressed no ambitions to the empty throne, and quietly years to be back among his beloved scrolls.

Ikoma Ujiaki

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