Ikoma Ryozo

The Black Lion


Tall for a Rokugani Ryozo stands at almost fully six feet. He is young and proud, happy to be ruling the Ikoma family. He wears his dark hair hair wildly long in staunch rejection of the traditional top knot so prevalent among his kin. Unlike Ikoma Daimyos of the past he inherited the throne while still very young, though he fights and rules with a wisdom which are far beyond his years. He walks upright and proud carrying himself with the regal nature of his kin in what is perhaps a manner more reminiscent of his Matsu kin, and though Ryozo is far from retiring into the ranks of the historians of his family, he takes his position as recorder of history very seriously by living deeds worth of the ancestors.


First Son of a dead father, Ryozo has grown up with the expectation that he would one day lead the family. After the recent abjection of his father Ryozo has lead the Ikoma family through example and glory in battle. His sister Ikoma Tsanuri has long since disappeared from the family radar after following Akodo Tutori and so Ryozo rules without question or fear.

Ryozo is a good warrior, serving the Ikoma loyally on the fields of battle, although he has one strange quality. Ryozo possesses an unusual clarity in battle, the almost polar opposite of a berserker’s rage. When he fights, time itself seems to slow around him, giving him much more time to study those around him. Ryozo has named this state ‘deathwatch’, and whenever he enters this state, his body glows dimly, and trails of shadow follow in the wake of his hands.

Recently Ryozo employed the help of Kitsuki Motaro to help in identifying in the fall off of the harvest in Satoshin Mura. Though Motaro spent seven days investing the famine he turned up empty handed, and true to his Motaro committed seppuku in order to erase the stain on his and Ryozo’s honor.

When speaking to the PC’s Ryozo has been anything but a gracious host, and though he plays the niceties and politics of his family, he has made it abundantly clear that he does not appreciate the interference of outsiders in his problems.

Slain by Kakita Hidaku in a duel that lasted 3 strikes.

Ikoma Ryozo

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