Ikoma Rin

Exiled Child of Ikoma Ryozo


Ikoma Rin is young and beautiful, perhaps paying more attention to her appearance than other members of her clan – a product of her time spent among the Crane. She is a natural blond, perhaps betraying a hint of Kitsu lineage but maintains the stren, dark eyes of her father. Her skin is naturally light and shows little traces of physical activity or of time spent out of doors, though her body is slim and her figure slight. Though she is less physically imposing than one would expect of a Lion, there is definitely a positively feline intelligence which swirls about her making her a deceptively calculating addition to a family known for producing some of the finest military tacticians in the empire.


From an early age it was clear that Ryozo was unhappy that his eldest child was female. Though this never would have hindered her in traditional society it is no secret the Ikoma Ryozo desperately wanted a son. After the death of his wife while Rin was comparatively young, Ryozo made an attempt at raising the girl in the warrior fashion of his clan. It quickly became clear however that Rin was not a warrior. Her skills at Kenjutsu and warfare left much to be wanting in the eyes of her father, and after failing even the basic exams of the Matsu, Ryozo gave up all hope of ever having a child he could be proud of.

After the Emperor’s desire for the children of the Lion and Crane be fostered to one another, Ikoma Ryozo was more than happy to suggest his daughter as a candidate. So, Rin was sent off to the courts of the Doji where she learned to make use of her natural beauty, and soon developed the cunning necessary to survive among the duplicitous smiles of the Crane.

When it came time for her Gempuku Ceremony and her return to the Lion, her father did not attend. Embarrassed and alone Rin, decided that she would not return at all, and quickly found a potential mate for herself in the form of a dull, yet proud Daidoji youth called Karou. When Ryozo was informed of his daughter’s desires the lord became dangerously ballistic, and threatened her life.

Rin for her part stuck to her choice to remain with the Crane, and heard nothing further from her father.

Ikoma Rin

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