Hoargai the Yamabushi

Yamabushi of Taksang Goema Monastery



Ancient, but also youthful master of the naginata. Some describe his legendary powers thusly: they say his eyes glow and lightning flies from his deadly blade. He can move across great chasms of earth as if flying. The creatures of the Shadowlands fear his “practice,” when he goes to test his strength against theirs.

He does not take kindly to shiba-daizan interrupting his cosmic meditations, with the ridiculous request of asking to become his student. HIS student! How impudent! When Hoargai first meets Shiba-sama, and hears his ludicrous request, he will beat the crap out of Shiba-sama until he can no longer stand. When shiba-daizan returns for more “training”, he will inflict these punishments on shiba-daizan in no particular order:

  • Walking on hands for a day, likely with attacks launched at him.
  • Punching trees until his hands bleed.
  • Beating the crap out of him when he first shows up
  • Punching stone for further bloody fists.
  • Send him on a quest to fetch a certain stone from the Shadowlands, facing oni and worse in the wastelands. This will likely lead to shiba-daizan’s death.

Hoargai the Yamabushi

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