Hida Yauta

Crab Bushi. Handmaiden to Otomo Yoroshiku


Hisa Yauta is both strikingly attractive and physically imposing, standing head and shoulders over many men, and shaming many women with her finely chiseled features, sparkling eyes, and dazzling smile.
She is most often seen in her flowing ceremonial court garments, but she is equally at home with her battle-worn armor and Tetsubo.
It is difficult to say in which she is more radiant.


For some, beauty can be a curse rather than a blessing. When she was first born, Hida Yauta was a great disappointment. Her Warrior father looked upon the girl child the midwife held to him and was stunned into silent denial. There was no way that his mighty crab loins could have sired a female child. Was he not Hida Toga, the Bushi who had slain over ten Oni ? Had he not choked the life from one of them with his bare hands even as his own lifeblood had seeped from his wounds ? The tiny creature before him was completely alien to him, and more frightening than anything he had faced in his entire life.
As Yauta grew, she changed from a soft pink thing into a bright, beautiful child, and became even more of a mystery to her father. Hida Toga spent more and more time at the front, further and further from the girl who still frightened the gruff Bushi.
As she grew, Yauta became more and more obsessed with gaining her fathers attentions. Unlike her mother, a quiet, dutiful if somewhat dull woman, Yauta was vibrant and intelligent, and she felt little connection to the woman who gave birth to her.
As her beauty grew with age, so did her ambition, and she gained strength and stamina through steady effort, and great height and breath of chest seemingly through sheer force of will. She trained as a Bushi among the fiercest and crudest warriors in Rokugan, the Hida who stand the Carpenter’s Wall. She eventually had the skills to best most of them, but her radiant face and fine form always worked against her, and she never gained any honor of rank or assignment.
It was during a diplomatic visit to the Crab lands when a highly placed female courtier from the imperial families discovered the talented girl that her life changed forever. The courtier recognized the possibilities of a highly trained and skilled warrior who was also a beauty to behold. she arranged for Yauta to join her retinue, and eventually presented the Crab maiden to Hantei as a possible companion for his young neice, Otomo Yoroshiku.
From that day forwards, Yauta has served both as a handmaid and a convert Yojimbo to the Royal Niece, protecting her from both physical threats and less obvious dangers at court.

Hida Yauta

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