Ghostly White Assasins

AKA The Locusts. Silent, Pale, and Deadly tainted fiends


These infected victims of the tainted insects discovered in Kyuden Ikoma appear to have all their color bleached out of then. Unnervingly, they move in absolute silence, no rustle of cloth nor whisper of breath betrays their deadly approach.
They show no evidence of pain, no mercy, no remorse, only unholy hunger.


The “insert insect name here” were brought from the Gaijin lands by Shinjo Tsuro, an entomology enthusiast who noted the unusual ability of the locust-like creatures to sense corruption of a spiritual nature. He had hoped that the insects would become little guardians of the people of Satoshin-Mura, but exposed to the powers of Jigoku they became something horrific.
The corrupted bugs became carriers of the taint, burrowing under the skin of an individual as larvae, slowly making their way up to the base of the neck, where they first subtly influence and then later take over the minds of the host. The host initially feels an increase in anger and other dark emotions, which become more and more uncontrollable as the gestation of the Locust progresses. eventually, the host is fully corrupted and becomes part of a hive-consciousness directed by an unknown organizing force.
When attacked, either directly or via force applied to the hosts neck, the Locust then sprays a highly acidic fluid, caustic enough to melt metal.
The insects were highly susceptible to the sounds of ringing bells, which caused them keen spiritual anguish.
It is known that the monster Brother Ikio had some part in the corruption and spread of the Locusts, but whether he created or just took advantage of the horrors unknown, nor is it known whether he was the guiding hand to the actions of the infected.
It is also known that several crates of wheat from Satoshin-Mura had been infected by the larvae of the Locusts, and all efforts have been made to track down these crates and destroy them, but it in unknown if the efforts were fully successful.

Ghostly White Assasins

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