Daidoji Jiro

TN To Be Hit: 20
Earth: 4

Stamina: 4
Willpower: 4

Air: 2

Reflexes: 2
Awareness: 2

Fire 3

Intelligence: 3
Agility: 3

Void: 2
Water: 2

Strength: 3
Perception: 2


Battle: 2/4K2
Defense: 4/6k2 (Can Maintain previous Full Defense Roll
Iaijutsu: 1/3K2
Kenjutsu (Katana): 4/7K3 (+1K0 to damage with swords)
Kyujutsu: 3/5K2 (May ready a bow as a simple action)
Investigation: 3/5K2 (NO added TN on second attempts with Search)
Etiquette: 2/4K2
Lore: Bushido: 2/5K2


Luck: May re-roll one roll once per session
Bland: Strength of the Earth – Reduce Wound penalties


Brash: Willpower roll + Honor rank vs. TN 25 to avoid attacking when you are provoked


The Force of Honor: Gain Honor Rank – 4 to wounds at each rank, +1K0 to attack rolls in attack stance

The Shield of Faith: Guard lasts for an extra round and no TN penalty while guarding, also target of guard gains +15 instead of +10 to TN to be Hit


Daidoji Jiro

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