Brother Kumaru

Monk of the Brotherhood of Shinsei, second-eldest brother of Kuni Kokuri


Brother Kamaru is more sturdily built than the average monk, standing several inches taller than most men. Though not as burly as many of his Crab brethren, he is also a bit thicker in the chest and shoulders than many other men. He is also stunningly attractive.
All of this pales, however, against the warmth of his sideways smile and the genuine mirth that permanently resides in his twinkling eyes. In all, Brother Kamaru strikes one as someone who is in on some revealing and comforting cosmic truth, and he is sharing it with you.


Not as physically impressive as his older brother Kuni Kotoro, and not as naively intelligent as his younger brother Kuni Kokuri, Kamaru has nonetheless always been the most quietly content of the three.
Undeniably attractive to both women, who are drawn to his good looks and easy charm, and men, who are drawn to his charismatic camaraderie and engaging conversational skills, Kamaru never wanted for companionship. He never formed close ties however, as no other companions could ever compare to the company of his two brothers. He was only parted from his two brothers once, when he went away to the monastery to meet the destiny his father had chosen for him. It fit him excellently well, but upon his father’s honorable and notable death, he left and returned home in order to take over raising his youngest brother along with his eldest.
Kotoro was the natural leader, Kokuri was the odd mix of both student and provider of revelation, and Kamaru was the glue that held them all together. The three had many journeys and many encounters with destiny, but it all shattered upon the encounter at Ghurashi’s Wells.
After the loss of Kotoro, Kamaru took his youngest brother back to his monastery to aid in his mental and spiritual recuperation.
When Kokuri was finally recovered and left the monastery, Kamaru remained. Though he was outwardly the same man as before the Wells to the extent that even his discerning brother could not tell the difference, Kamaru had had enough of the outside world, and would not leave the monastery again. Or so he believed …

Brother Kumaru

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