Brother Ikyo

The one who comes before.


To all appearances Ikyo would seem a common, portly monk. His green eyes seem to sparkle with a pleasant gleam, and his joyful voice has often ministered to the frustrations of the poor and downtrodden. He is almost never seen without his carved flute which he plays with the skill and grace of a practiced master. For all intents and purposes Ikyo is a pleasant, highly respected member of the brotherhood.


Ikyo appeared in the Ikoma lands a few months ago and has been a well liked and respected member of the population. After the death of the former abbot of the local monastery, Ikyo has filled in as advisor to the brotherhood, champion of the downtrodden, and minister to the prison at Kyuden Ikoma.

The player’s first encounter with Brother Ikyo occurred when as they moved to interview Kitsu Ikatsu, their captured prisoner. Ikyo sat outside her cell playing his flute, saying that he had prayed with the young girl. It was later discovered that Ikyo had raped the poor woman, leaving her devoid of taint in the process. After their interview with Ikatsu, they found that Ikyo had fled.

They later encountered him at the monastery in Satoshin Mura and were able to quickly subdue and interrogate the foul monk. He claimed to be one of seven servants of Fu Leng, his chosen immortal children. He made reference to there being other like he who had been gifted with powerful dark knowledge and immortality. After a brief interrogation, the charters agreed to move the prison to the castle so that Ikatsu might take her revenge on the Brother.

Brother Ikyo

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