Doshin of Satoshin Mura


An old, hunched man Bento walks with the gait of someone who should have retired long ago. He stands at about 5’6" and has a face riddled with wrinkles and liver spots. His teeth have long since rotted away, though his eyes, which are a pale blue, have never lost their accustomed shine when happy.


Bento has served as Doshin of the village of Satoshin Mura for many years and has served the Ikoma Daimyos with honor and integrity. Bento seems very distraught about recent events and genuinely cares about the poor harvest. He has provided honest statistical information about the village harvests whenever asked. He is in many ways the exact sort of peasant the Lion cultivate; quick to answer questions honestly, and quick to ask for forgiveness when failure occurs. When the players first made contact with Bento he was quick to offer his fine hut as a place to stay for the foreign travelers.


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