Akodo Toturi

Daimyo of the Akodo and Champion of the Lion Clan


Toturi is a pale man, with a long mane of hair dyed gold. He stands at nearly six feet tall, and rarely wears armor, instead preferring the robes and kimono of monks. His attitude and courtly words cause the Lion to uncomfortably mutter, but his intelligence has gained him a reputation both on the battlefield and in the courts.


As the first son of an Akodo and a Matsu, Toturi’s life was one of balances. Before his birth, samurai from the Akodo and Matsu families were not allowed to marry, not only because of the competition between the two houses but also to prevent the strife a child could create. When his father married his mother, they agreed that any male children would be raised as Akodo, thus when Toturi was born, the Matsu, expecting a girl, turned on him and branded him weak.

At the age of 5 Toturi was taken to a dojo to be trained in kenjutsu, but his training proved to be disastrous for Toturi was meek, and full of thought. Despite the many sessions of instruction, Toturi seemed to have no interest in martial pursuits and Akodo Daio began to agree with his wife Matsu Sodohime, and they sent Toturi to a monastery within the Phoenix lands where he lived for more than ten years. There, he dedicated himself to the study of tactics, strategy and the Tao.

His mentor was an Acolyte of Water in the Brotherhood by the name of Master Suana.Occasionally, Akodo Kage would visit the monastery and teach Toturi the basics of kenjutsu and bushido.

At the age of 19, in the year 1118, Toturi spent a summer with the Unicorn Clan at the request of Akodo Kage. He wrote a letter to his mother detailing how he had been allowed to ride one of the Unicorn mounts. He was thrown at one point, lucky to not be trampled by the horse.

Toturi’s brother, Akodo Arasou was born three years after Toturi and quickly became his parents favorite, displaying an aptitude and liking for violence that Toturi lacked. After his first major victory against the Unicorn Clan, Arasou was proclaimed heir to the Akodo. Toturi and Arasou met only rarely, usually when Toturi was home for festivals and other formal occasions.

When Toturi became twenty, Arasou was engaged to Matsu Tsuko the daughter of the Matsu daimyo. For a year Tsuko and Arasou put off their wedding, with Arasou promising his bride Toshi Ranbo wo Shien Shite Reigisaho, but Arasou was killed trying to take the city from the Crane Clan. Toturi’s uncle, the Lion Clan Champion was wounded, and died later, causing Toturi to be recalled.

After the death of Ikoma Ryozo Toturi has returned from the lands of the Crane to determine the future of the Ikoma family, and to assist in choosing the next daimyo of one of the oldest families in the empire.

Akodo Toturi

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