Between Crimson Skies

The Bitter Failure of Kitsuki Motaro

The scene opened at the Seppuku ceremony of Kistsuki Motaro. The players, Yogo Amia, Mirumoto Amaya, Matsu Hokitare, Shinjo Tsuro, and Ikoma Ryozo sat in attendance of the act.

After the ceremony, the players spoke briefly with Mirumoto Amaya who seemed very bitter and was unable to provide much information as to why Motaro had committed Seppuku other than the details that Motaro had revealed to Minoru. She is understandably upset to have seen her charge fall while she could do nothing but stand and watch.

After speaking with Amaya, the players sought an audience with Ikoma Ryozo to discuss picking up where they left off. They spoke with Matsu Hokitare and were granted their audience after some debate. Ryozo was less than thrilled at the prospect of allowing another investigator to look into the situation at Satoshin Mura, least of all one who by all reckoning was lesser than Kitsuki Motaro and traveled with members of the hated Crane clan. Ryozo allowed the characters access to the village only if Minoru swore an oath to give up his clan and family, becoming ronin if he should fail.

To reach Satoshin Mura the characters chartered a boat down river with Otu who seemed less than thrilled at the prospect of returning to his family home. Along the way he spoke of the villages primary imports and exports as well as the rumors that the village was haunted. Upon reaching the village he promised to return in two days to collect the party and then vanished up the river.

While in the village the characters met with Bento, Doshin of Satoshin Mura. When the players first came across him he was busy trying to fend off a mob of unruly townsfolk who were harassing him and the two Lion Samurai that had come to collect a portion of the annual harvest. The players disbanded the mob and followed Bento to his hut on the edge of the grain fields. The group spoke at length of the recent events and Bento offered his home for the characters to stay in during their time in the village.

Using what little light they had left, the characters split up to search the village for the cause of the decreased harvest and consequential famine which had already begun to affect the villagers. The only possible clues they found were the tiny rice paper thin leavings of a hither-to unknown insect.

Night quickly found its way across the village and the characters retired to Bento’s hut for the night. After setting the watch everything seems normal until they were ambushed by 6 men, all dressed in ghostly white rags and wearing white body powder. The most disturbing detail about the attack was that all of the assailants were ghostly silent the entire time.

In the end the characters are left with more questions than they set out to solve. Who or what are these ghostly men? What of the journals Motaro spoke of before his death? How did these unidentified insect carcasses get into the fields of the Ikoma?


“…the details that Motaro had revealed to Minoru.” What details?

Ecce Ecce

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